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Thursday, 14 April 2011

Bank Holidays Can Seriously Damage Your Health

With the Bank holidays and Royal Wedding just around the corner, millions of Britons are looking forward to a few days off but we might actually be safer at work!
The top five bank holiday hazards are: Gardening, DIY, Driving, Shopping, Sport/Exercise and wait for it….Lie-ins! It is often the most common and unexpected of bank holiday activities that can cause the most problems. Sleeping in guest beds can lead to back pain, sunbathing for prolonged amounts of time face down can cause neck pain, whilst simply carrying a small child on your back can do damage to your neck and shoulders.

Independent market research showed that during the bank holiday Britons will be:
  •   Driving - over 50% of Britons will probably be driving - a lot will be visiting relatives or going out for the day.
  •  Relaxing - Over a third will take it easy by catching up on sleep, whilst over 40% might plan to relax in front of the TV.
  • Shopping – At least 31% of Britons will hit the shops at some point, but the strain might not just be on the wallet, shopping can cause headaches and joint pain.
  • Gardening and DIY - over 3 in 10 people will start to tackle gardening and DIY jobs.
  • Sport/Exercise - the more active; around 26% of the population, will plan to take part in sport/exercise. Playing Frisbee or flying kites is fun, but extra care should be taken because these activities can cause upper back problems.

All it takes is a bit of care and attention to avoid injury.
Follow these top tips to ensure your bank holiday is safe: 
  • Take regular breaks when driving - stop and stretch your legs at least every two hours.
  •  If you are sleeping in a 'foreign bed' - take your own pillow.
  • When shopping - take bags back to the car on a regular basis.
  • Treat gardening and DIY like any form of exercise - make sure you warm up and warm down afterwards.
  • Drink plenty of water while exercising to avoid dehydration.
  • Pain is a warning sign - do not ignore it!
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